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This website is dedicated to radio communications in particular its use in applications relating to:

- Emergency;

- National or Local Civilian Protection;

- Satellite Communications, Civilian, Military and Government;

- Radio Communications, Government, Amateur, Military;

- Technologies applied to the Radio Communications and Telecommunications.

We examine here the theoretical, practical and operational activities of the Radio Communications and related Disciplines.

Who should read this site?

All persons, professionals and volunteers involved in the Emergency Communications who care about the Civilian Safety, Technical and Scientific Curiosity, which are the foundation of Social Welfare and Human Progress.

This site is private and personal.

All costs related to it are only borne by me, owner of the Domain, editor and webmaster of the website.

The articles and all multimedia contents are inserted by the webmaster at his sole discretion, and assessment.

For suggestions, criticisms or questions, please contact me directly; the posts are accepted written in Italian, English, French, Indonesian.

We do not take into consideration requests for link exchange.

Instead, we positively take into account contributions from any Author on Radio Communication who wishes to be published on this website, at no charge and compensation.

Rick Balbusso

Editor, Webmaster

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