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Inmarsat Black Box in the Cloud

ICAO must ban the Black Box as the unique place where to store Flight Data for all Commercial Flight. We have better ways to capture airplane crash data.

The All Data live-streaming, via Satellites, to be stored into Air Lines Servers, is the best solution for SAR (Search and Rescue) Operations; especially for crash into far locations or deep sea.

Also: Why not mount an adequate number of HD CCTV cameras on airliners to monitor the status of wings, rudder and other critical parts of the aircraft in flight? and of course all data must be safely recorded into ICAO Cloud.

The Shipwreck of the Airship “Dirigibile Italia” in the 1928 Polar Venture

On 25 May 1928 the airship Dirigibile Italia during its return trip to the base in Ny Alesund,
after overflying the North Pole, shipwrecked on the ice pack in a region at about 400 km northeast of
Svalbard Islands. Survivors, by using a portable high frequency (HF) radio transmitter, tried unsuccessfully
to send SOS messages and to establish a radio link with the ship Città di Milano of the Italian Navy,
closely anchored at King's Bay. Only after 9 days of repeated radio distress transmissions, a Russian radio
amateur close to the town of Arkhangelsk about 1,900 km away was able to receive the messages launched
by the survivors and raise the alarm.
HERE the full Article -
Space Weather, 18, e2020SW002459.
... At the beginning of July, they modified the antenna and reduced the frequency to 6.4 and 6.5 MHz in transmission and to
6.5 and 5.4 MHz in reception, so to obtain a finally stable radio link between the Red Tent and the ship....

NEW ! Underground Communicators Without Infrastructures

 by Andreas Spiess

Cool projects are rare. Here I found one I want to show to you. An undercover personal communicator. It includes a lot of new technologies: ESP32, Smartphones, LoRa, BLE, GPS, Mesh, and as you see, 3D printing. And it solves a problem which could be seen as a human right:

Personal SMS style communication everywhere in the world, without the need for any infrastructure, and without mass surveillance. In addition, it shows the location of all your friends in your group on a map on your Smartphone. Everything open source, of course. How cool is that? Even "Sexycyborg" Naomi Wu likes it. I am a proud Patreon of GreatScott!, Electroboom, Electronoobs, EEVblog, and others.

LoRa Frequencies

LoRa uses unlicensed frequencies that are available worldwide. These are the most widely used frequencies: 

  • 868 MHz for Europe
  • 915 MHz for North America
  • 433 MHz band for Asia

More Info on ESP32, HERE: