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Incontro con Gabriele Veneziano

Incontro con Gabriele Veneziano

Incontro di approfondimento sui temi della mostra "Astri e particelle. Le parole dell'Universo". Il "padre delle stringhe" (CERN, Ginevra e Collège de France, Parigi) ci racconta come certe cordicelle microscopiche possano riconciliare relatività e meccanica quantistica e fornire una nuova base per spiegare come sia nato e di cosa sia fatto l'Universo. L'incontro si è tenuto il 3 dicembre 2009.

Antarctica Expedition - VK0IR

VK0IR Heard Island Antarctica Ham Radio Expedition 1997



I Progetti di Dominio Globale della dittatura cinese

Progetti di Dominio Globale della dittatura cinese  - by NTD Italia

Un Nuovo Internet (Cinese) dal 2035

NTD Italia


00:10​ NTD Evening News del 10/02/21

00:36Saremo tutti cinesi ⇐     

05:16​ Impeachment, l’accusa dei Democratici

07:30​ “L’impeachment è una messinscena”

10:15​ La borsa minaccia di lasciare New York

10:57​ Follia omicida a New York

12:42​ Gli USA tornano nei diritti umani dell’ONU

14:29​ L’amministrazione Biden e la Cina

The Mighty Rhombic

The Mighty Rhombic Antenna

Mighty Rhombic Antennas to form a Mighty Army of HF Antennas

Rhombic Antennas in Series


DARPA News Feed (RSS)


  • 2021/03/02 DARPA Announces Research Teams Selected to Semantic Forensics Program
    Media manipulation capabilities are advancing at a rapid pace while also becoming increasingly accessible to everyone from the at-home photo editor to nation state actors. As the technology evolves so does the national security threat posed by compelling media manipulations. While the issue today may be Deepfake videos, the ability to generate falsified multimodal assets - such as news stories with embedded photos and videos - from whole cloth may not be far off. To take on this growing threat, DARPA created the Semantic Forensics (SemaFor) program.
  • 2021/03/01 Episode 40: Sounds of Innovation 2
    Welcome to Sounds of Innovation, an intermittent feature of our Voices from DARPA podcast. Rather than hearing the voices of program managers, which is normally what you get in a Voices from DARPA podcast, in each Sounds of Innovation episode, you will hear some of the soundscapes of research and development…and learn just a little bit about the world-changing capabilities those sounds could lead to. See if you can guess how the sounds were produced before our podcast host reveals their origin.
  • 2021/02/23 Technologies to Rapidly Restore the Electrical Grid after Cyberattack Come Online
    Some 330 million Americans rely on the nation's critical infrastructure to keep the country humming. Disruptions to electrical grids, communications systems, and supply chains can be catastrophic, yet all of these are vulnerable to cyberattack. According to the government's 2019 World Wide Threats Hearing, certain adversaries are capable of launching cyberattacks that can disrupt the nation's critical infrastructure - including electrical distribution networks.

ARRL Feeds (RSS)

American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources

04 March 2021

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources.
  • Quantum Receiver Can Detect Huge Swath of the RF Spectrum
    04 March 2021
  • Approaches to Tackle Noise Problems Vary, Remedies Elusive
    03 March 2021
  • ARISS, NASA, and ESA Continue to Probe Amateur Radio Problems on ISS
    03 March 2021

    Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) International Chair Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, reports that the ARISS team has been working closely with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) to identify what may have caused what ARISS is calling a “radio anomaly” on January 27. The net result has been an inability to use the NA1SS ham station gear in the ISS Columbus module. For the time...

  • AMSAT-DL Operators Track Mars Probes
    03 March 2021

    Members of Germany’s AMSAT organization, AMSAT-DL, in cooperation with the Sternwarte Bochum Institute in Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, have been using the institute’s 20-meter (65.6-foot) diameter dish antenna to listen directly to signals from probes in Mars orbit.

    Signals have been copied from the Chinese Tianwen-1 and the Hope Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) spacecraft now orbiting Mars...

  • MARS Volunteers Recognized with Gold-Level President’s Volunteer Service Award
    03 March 2021

    A dozen US Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) volunteers have been honored with gold-level recognition for the President’s Volunteer Service Award for 2020.

    They are Bob Mims, WA1OEZ; Ron Tomo, KE2UK; Mark Bary, N4EOC; Billy Pearson, KO4XT; Dave Bock, W8OHS; Bob Baker, K5LLF; John Monson, WB0PLW; Gary Geissinger, WA0SPM; Brian Handy, W8JBT; Bliss Wheeler, W7RUG; Jim Hamilton, K4QDF, and...

IEEE Spectrum Feeds (RSS)

IEEE Spectrum Telecom Channel

IEEE Spectrum Telecom channel recent content

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