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The Zeitgeist Movement was established in 2008 by Peter Joseph and advocates a transformation of society and its economic systemto a non monetary system based on resource allocation and environmentalism.

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"Quanta Conoscenza abbiamo perso nell'Informazione?  

         Quanta Saggezza abbiamo perso nella Conoscenza?" 

"How much Knowledge we have lost in Information?  

        How much Wisdom we have lost in Knowledge?"(T.S.Eliot)


"Non sono i Terremoti ad uccidere, ma le Strutture che crollano."  (Saggio cinese

"Earthquakes do not kill, but the Collapsing Structures" (Chinese Dictum)


"The Bureaucratic Mentality is the only Constant in the Universe" (Capt. Jim Kirk - USS Enterprise - Star Trek)


"Se volete sapere qualcosa sul Papa, non chiedete in Vaticano"

"If you want to know something about the Pope, don't ask in the Vatican(Rick Balbusso)


"La più efficace e la più economica lotta contro la corruzione è la trasparenza verso i Cittadini." 

"The most effective and cheapest fight against corruption is the transparency toward the Citiziens"


"La Curiosità è il Concime del Cervello"

"Curiosity is the Fertilizer of the Brain" (Rick Balbusso)


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  • 2017/01/10 Sharing Battlefield Information at Multiple Classification Levels via Mobile Handheld Devices
    Troops in remote regions around the world often struggle to operate with limited networks for data sharing and communication-an encumbrance that is amplified when U.S. troops need to share classified or otherwise secure data with each other and coalition partners. The usual process for sharing such information requires an end-to-end connection to secure servers via a dedicated digital "pipe" approved for the specific security level of data being transmitted.
  • 2017/01/05 Networks of the Sea Enter Next Stage
    DARPA's Tactical Undersea Network Architecture (TUNA) program recently completed its initial phase, successfully developing concepts and technologies aimed at restoring connectivity for U.S. forces when traditional tactical networks are knocked offline or otherwise unavailable. The program now enters the next phase, which calls for the demonstration of a prototype of the system at sea.
  • 2017/01/04 Setting World Endurance Record, Vanilla Aircraft Proves to be Anything but Plain
    A DARPA-backed small business effort broke boundaries for long-endurance flight this month by launching a uniquely designed, combustion-powered unmanned aircraft that stayed aloft for more than two days and two nights. The flight was terminated several days ahead of schedule because of incoming weather. But the craft-built by Vanilla Aircraft of Falls Church, Virginia-landed safely with more than half its fuel still onboard, suggesting it is capable of setting additional records for powered flight in its weight and power class and could ultimately offer important new capabilities to ground forces and others.
  • 2016/12/28 The Ten Most Popular DARPA Videos of 2016
    One of the best places to learn how DARPA is redefining what's possible is the DARPA YouTube channel. The channel is home to hundreds of videos showing the depth and breadth of DARPA's research and the amazing people behind it. All told in 2016, our videos were watched nearly 3.5 million times, and viewers cumulatively spent almost 11 years looking at our footage.
  • 2016/12/28 The Ten Most Popular DARPA Stories of 2016
    DARPA's technology portfolio comprises about 250 paradigm-challenging programs across dozens of fields, from quantum metamaterials and machine learning to neurotechnology and unmanned system autonomy. Throughout the year, the Agency produces updates about newly launched efforts, promising results, and major program accomplishments. We post them all on the DARPA website, which in 2016 received 27 million page views-a 35 percent increase over last year.
  • 2016/12/28 The Ten Most Popular DARPA Tweets and Facebook Posts of 2016
    DARPA's Twitter and Facebook feeds allow people around the world to connect with DARPA-to learn about and comment on the Agency's pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies and occasionally to reminisce with us about history. Our tweets generated more than 14 million impressions in 2016, while our Facebook posts garnered approximately 15 million impressions. Progress in the fields of neurotechnology, cybersecurity, microelectronics, and quantum mechanics-along with DARPA's development of unmanned vehicles that could revolutionize air- and sea-based capabilities-were among the most popular topics. Did your favorite DARPA program crack our top ten lists?
  • 2016/12/23 ALIAS Pushes the Envelope on Aircraft Automation
    DARPA's Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System (ALIAS) program envisions flight operations with reduced onboard aircrew while improving mission performance and flight safety-all through a tailorable, drop-in, removable kit that would provide advanced automation to existing aircraft.
  • 2016/12/22 DARPA Provides Mobius Bionics LUKE Arms to Walter Reed
    The holiday season is bringing high-tech offerings for U.S. war veterans this year in the form of sophisticated bionic arms developed under the direction of DARPA. In a ceremony today at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) in Bethesda, Md., Justin Sanchez, Director of DARPA's Biological Technologies Office, delivered the first two advanced "LUKE" arms from a new production line-shiny evidence that the fast-track DARPA research effort has completed its transition into a commercial enterprise. As part of that transition process, DARPA is collaborating with WRNMMC to make the advanced prostheses available to service members and veterans who are rehabilitating after suffering upper-limb loss.
  • 2016/12/16 Underwater Radio, Anyone?
    Here's something easy to forget when you are chatting on your cell phone or flipping channels on your smart TV: although wireless communication seems nothing short of magic, it is a brilliant, reality-anchored application of physics and engineering in which radio signals travel from a transmitter to a receiver in the form of electric and magnetic fields woven into fast-as-light electromagnetic waves.
  • 2016/12/15 DARPA Renews Popular HO HO HO Program
    DARPA today announced it would extend for the third year its High-speed Optimized Handling of Holiday Operations (HO HO HO) initiative, in which the Agency shares some of the year's top breakthroughs to help Santa Claus and his elves more quickly and efficiently complete their holiday duties.

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